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3- Union Square Scroll

Along the paths of the park someone had laid out long rolls of white butcher style paper. Up and down each path you would find people down on hands and knees, adding their own messages and tributes to this touching scroll. Many of us would silently pause to read the messages thereon.

Long Roll of Messages

Some would draw faces and flowers and objects which seemed to belong with the words. Several messages were artistically calligraphic and ornate. You could find examples written in Old English, Italic Scripts, some in childlike scrawls, and a large portion in other languages. I saw: Chinese, Hindi, Greek, Cyrillic, and those sharing our Roman Font: French, German, Spanish, Italian... They all could be found here, in one place or another.

A Message to Civilization

Some of the days I visited, the rolls were unfurled down the center of each path. Other days the strips hugged one edge of the walking space. Older scrolls were hung on temporary wire fences to either side of each path, perhaps placed there to discourage too many feet from trampling the plush grasses that make up most of the park's several blocks.

Two More Writers Start New Section

You'll note the woman to the right above is holding a small bottle of water. Some generous and thoughtful neighbors had decided to help those who spent many hours in the park by bringing many boxes of bottled waters, handing them out near each entrance to the grounds. So many folks just chipped in and provided the supplies for many of the shrines. Groups got together to assemble unified arrangements of many kinds.

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4- More Union Square

A Shrine of Flowers

Many of these improvised shrines were placed along the paths and its intersections and cul de sacs here and there. But there were larger groupings on the grasses, like this one seen above. Other creative people built elaborate arrangements, like US flags made up entirely of flowers, or models of the twin towers with attached signs. Most of the messages were of Peace and Hope. Constantly you read the plea not to go off halfcocked in a bombing spree; not to think violence could bring about peace. Echoing Ghandi's pithy observation, a couple of signs reminded us: "An eye for an eye makes the world blind."

A Message From Friends in Natick

New York City is but one of many large cities in the USA, in the World. We often feel the links with other cities other places, being that we are a city mostly of emigrants (although I know many who were born here, of course). In spirit it is our good fortune to connect with friends and empathy from all around our small planet, especially in these days of Globalization in all of its shades of meaning. I've been through Natick MA many times, stayed there a few times, too, and smiled when I saw this section of mounted scroll above. The sincerity and spirit of the message is touchingly heartfelt. Thank you, Natick!

A Message from Airline Employees

Another set of signs which made me smile can be seen here. Some members of several airlines had decided to lend their encouragement during this disillusioning time. They had been thinking about the flight staff of each of the four flights whose lives were cut short. There is something about the human condition which can refuse to allow any crisis or impediment to crush our inner spirit. Heroes are filled with it. Anyone who eschews easy cynicism, to push on regardless, even foolishly, is filled with it, and we call it optimism or courage. It embraces life and the living, and can lead, with luck and love, to moments of wisdom and nobility.

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