Adventures in Surround Sound, from 7.2 to Quad 
(personal and historical notes, basics, and acoustic realities often forgotten)
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Table of Contents

Nomenclature and Full 7.2 channel setup
The Main 5.2 Channels
  Digression I -- Classic Blunders
  Digression II -- Listening Tests
  Digression III -- Surround Options
5.1 Surround Sound for Music
5.1 Surround Sound for Films
Optimum Quadraphony
Quadraphonic Folly
"Jousting at Windmills"
An Infamous Letter to the Editor
The follow-up Letter to the Editor
Something about Matrix "Quad"
Psi-Networks (the secret ingredient)
Recording in Surround
Quadraphonic Recording
Multichannel Recording Quirks
Shoulders To Stand On (Bert Whyte)
Bibliography -- References

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