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Can a WebPage
be alive?

A Living Page

I'm happy to report that this page (like most housework) will never be finished. It is a living document that grows and matures, just like most of real life. It is not a "work in progress", for this would imply not much intrinsic value until that magic day it is completed.
A novel is a work of art that, once completed may continue to exist forever in that finished state. An encyclopedia must be published at regular intervals to reflect new information gathered since the day it was published. Periodicals are timely only when first printed, then fall behind the times -- get the latest issue to keep up. The technology behind web documents allows us to update information as often as is necessary. In this context, publishing dates become an outdated concept.
While it is possible to "finish" a web document, the fixed information becomes stagnant, thus abolishing any desire for a return visit. This is something I call a cob-web page.
So don't go looking for "under construction" icons on our site, but do return later to check out what's new.
Happy browsing!


Important Note. Don't forget, your browser will continue to display the earlier viewed version of a changing, living page, unless you either: 1) Do a Reload for each page, or 2) Trash Your Cache Memory first (FYI: a good habit to get into anyway) before going online again!

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