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In the Fall of '95, I received an e-mail message from my friend, Laurie Spiegel, letting me know she'd become aware of someone trying to do a web page on me. She sent me Matthew Davidson's address, and I wrote him a curious, chatty letter. What quickly transpired, was that he was going to be visiting NYC in a matter of weeks, and so we connected up, along with his friend and associate, John Romkey (an excellent programmer and author of SF -- see more on John i the Tour in Cyberspace).

Prior to our meeting, Matthew had already made a tentative page on me, which I had not yet seen. We visited and had a meal out at a local Jamaican restaurant (Daphne's-yum!), and it was one of those infrequent occasions in which "the magic does happen". It was obvious that we had similar backgrounds, interests, and tastes. Still, the thought of a page about me sounded suspicious, narcissistic, and another opportunity to get dragged into all the prurient-interest muck that bimbos (who perhaps suffer from "brain-in-crotch disease"- give now, all you can spare!) had dragged me though in the past.

Over the next several weeks we corresponded, and in time his arguments and genuinely touching empathy lowered my defenses. Here was another composer, computerphile, Photoshop phreak and kindred spirit, who seemed to anticipate how I would react to any given thought or topic. I found that his own home page was neat-looking and had a lot of whimsy; let's hear it for whimsy. What can I tell you, I finally agreed that this was a lucky situation, and that I ought help him as best I could.

All the original year of HTMLing, much of the initial text, visuals, and the sense of design and layout originally were Matthew's. I'd like to thank him again for that! Then he eased me into maintaining most of it myself, something originally I doubted being able to do (I was wrong... it's more tedium than difficulty.) When there is an emergency we both dig in. Webmaster mail and any tricky stuff, like the MPEG audio files, Matthew still does alone. Hope you have a recent browser to enjoy it all.

We will eventually post sounds, more music clips, and several more longer and shorter articles, perhaps some reprints from Keyboard and other magazines. There is now a very complete new Discography Page which contains answers to all, or most, of your questions about albums and CDs. Since any enterprise like this is done in spare time, please be patient for all that is to come. The News Page will often give a look at current plans and work underway, while a regular check on the What's New? page will let you know what additions and changes have been made most recently.

I also ought mention that John is the person behind the apocalypse web site., which is the parent server that contains these webpages (see the CyberVisit description.) Without his input and constant behind-the-scenes pulling of strings, this page and the whole site would be stillborn. Thanks to him, too, our site received its own domain name (using my own name), as a neat surprise Xmas present to me in late '97, making it easier to remember and for others to find. More recently we've seen the addition of some other friends and good people who are our neighbors on the newest high power engine of this server -- welcome! Let us hear your feedback, and thank you for your kind interest. Thassit!

--Wendy Carlos
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