= A Shortlist Of The Cruel =


This Hall of Shame contains some people and publications who have betrayed a cruel indifference to anyone's interests but their own. They have tried to turn me into a cliché, to treat me as an object for potential scorn, ridicule, or even physical violence by bigots (no joke in these dangerous times of beatings and deaths at the hands of the intolerant.) At best, they have arrogantly used me and abused me to grind their own prurient axes, to profit by and justify their own agendas.
It's no fun to discover someone else's fetishistic hang-ups, to inadvertently confront an unsuspected slice of unwholesomeness in another. Even less amusing is to find yourself the target of painful bigotry and prejudice. The names below have caused me to wince involuntarily, and in some cases to spend sleepless hours at night. While I have never harmed or hurt any of them, they have chosen to hurt me. Is this deliberate nastiness, or just wanton insensitivity? Couldn't you wait until I'm dead? Have you no decency, no respect?

Notes: Up until now, the only way I knew of to deal with those to whom respect and empathy are foreign concepts was to try to ignore them. But you really have to respond in the real world, else others will think it's okay to treat you like dirt. I have no other public forum, no connections to the press or media. This is my one available way to yell "OUCH!". The listing is deliberately incomplete, containing only the major shits. Be extremely wary of anything these folks have to say about me (recall the computer term: "GIGO"). Those who have, through additional outstanding acts of selfrighteous posturing, achieved the status of "Cruel Summa Cum Louder" are scored with a Suffix of the Black Leaf.

== The grading of Black Leaf awards: ==

(No leaf)


Probably is just generally insensitive/sexually insecure



Demonstrates sexual hangups, and little or no empathy



Has a sexual axe to grind, and needs sensitivity training



Arrogant selfish prig, with a genuine sadistic streak


(in no particular order - the "unsorted sordid":) 

Trevor Pinch & Frank Trocco (Coulter&Limbaugh wannabees)BlackLeafBlackLeafBlackLeaf

The Grove's Dictionary of Musicians (oh grow up)BlackLeafBlackLeafBlackLeaf

Baker's Biographical Dictionary of 20th Century Classical Musicians
  (pulp expose trash disguised as scholarship) BlackLeafBlackLeafBlackLeaf

Sarah Vowell BlackLeafBlackLeaf

Colin Larkin BlackLeafBlackLeaf

Grande Royale Magazine (glitzy mediocrity) BlackLeaf

Obsolete's: 120 Years of Electronic Music

All Music Guide, book & site (a hodge-podge of fabrications) BlackLeafBlackLeaf

Virgin Encyclopedia of Popular Music (piggy) BlackLeafBlackLeafBlackLeaf

Ira Glass BlackLeaf

Amazing's: Amazing Sounds

The New York Observer (little truth in their "news")BlackLeafBlackLeafBlackLeaf

Playboy Magazine Editors BlackLeafBlackLeafBlackLeaf


"Congratulations" -- you've earned it!

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