No genuine CD editions through early 2002 were available of the soundtrack score to Disney's TRON. This frustration was solved in early 2002, with Disney's new soundtrack CD of the music. Any non-Disney copies that you may find on web sites, or from shady merchants, including so-called "Limited Edition," "Private Pressing" or "Promotional" CD's (a "compact disc re-release" by "CSM Records") are in fact stolen copyrighted material of poor quality (dubs of cassette tapes!) sold at exorbitant prices. Avoid all of these.
You may also encounter LP's called "The Story of Tron" being offered for sale, new or used. Please be aware that this is NOT a Wendy Carlos album, nor is it a "soundtrack album", or even a music album of any kind. I had NOTHING to do with this album, period, and my name cannot be used to market it. It's simply a Disney storybook album for young children, told by a narrator, including only a few brief snippets of dialogue, sound effects and music excerpts from the film, with mediocre sound quality to boot.
We also have some good news. The newest album for ESD, Rediscovering Lost Scores -- volume two, contains several Hi- D selections from TRON that have remained unavailabe since the film's initial release. Check it out HERE

All CD's being offered for sale anywhere, containing Wendy Carlos's music for the soundtrack of Kubrick's, The Shining, are bootlegs. Avoid them.
And there's good news for fans of The Shining. The latest two albums for ESD, Rediscovering Lost Scores, volumes one and two, contain most of the Carlos-Elkind score for the film, in new Hi-D sound. This includes a great deal of music never before available in any format. Check them out HERE and HERE

Caveat Emptor: Beware of any listings of my music on auction sites. Currently available albums are only sold through regular retail stores or established web sellers. Don't assume that any older albums have been re-released or remastered unless you read it here first.


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