LeafEditing K2000 Samples with SD II

1) Load the desired K2000 bank from the HD into Bank 200 (or other.)

2) In Disk Mode, select Floppy Drive.

3) Choose Save--Export--AIF. Select the Sample's name, and then alter the name as desired to remove any confusion if more than one file is to be done as in 4) below. One altered/added character is enough.

4) For any other Sample to be edited at the same time, do 3) again, but use a different name or altered/added character.

5) Remove the floppy and bring it to the Mac. (Be sure the PC Exchange INIT is ON)

6) Insert the disk, open its window, and from it choose the desired AIF file(s) to be edited, and drag a copy (copies) to the Main HD.

7) Double click to open the AIFF with Sound Designer II.

8) Now do the edit(s). A modification, such as EQ, should be fairly subtle (<6 dB). It's easy to over edit such small sound samples, since the effect will be much more noticable back in the K2000.

9) Close the file(s), and Save if requested. Back on the desktop, drag the edited AIFF file(s) onto the floppy, overwriting the original version(s).

10) Eject the disk, and put it back into the 2000. Now in Disk Mode do a Load, and put the edited files into Bank 300, or other empty bank.

11) Go to Program Mode again, and get back into the Edit Mode for the Keymap of interest. In the Keymap editor you can now choose each new edited copy from Bank 300 (or other) instead of the original versions, and do a careful comparison to see if a satisfactory modification was done using SDII.

12) If the modified version is good, choose it, press EDIT, and do a Save using the same file number and name as the original Sample, to replace it. Note that an Alternate Start Point, if one was originally used, will have to be repositioned, as AIFF format does not support these (Alt Start is moved to the sample's end.)

13) When the Keymap is properly altered, go to Disk Mode again and do the usual save of the 200 Bank onto the K2000's HD. Done.

Text and illustrations ©1990-96 Wendy Carlos

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