I need your help in enhancing the information content on this page.

The discography has most recently been fleshing out, including the new ESD releases, and the status of all older albums. Thanks to all who helped out. A lot of other information has been added since I started the site, and Wendy took over most of expanding it. See What's New on the MetaPage for a running history.

Transcriptions of interviews make wonderful content. We still could use a lot more. There have been numerous articles about her in Keyboard Magazine, she resides on the advisory board there. If you have great typing skills, or a scanner and good character recognizing software, here's a very useful task to help all of us who enjoy following the progress on this site. Additional GIFs from magazines or other sources you may find will be placed in the Photo section.

If you would like to contribute to <wendycarlos.com>, simply send me email. And, thanks!

--Matthew Davidson

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