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Many people have been asking me for Wendy's email address recently. While I am obliged to protect Wendy's privacy, I have found that most people simply want to tell Wendy how much they have enjoyed her music. To that end, I have set up this 'one-way' mailbox. Please understand that it is not possible, for many reasons, for Wendy to reply to these messages. But we've set up the next best thing.
Before writing, please take the time to read Wendy's open letters, in which she answers many common questions that have been received from you:

Part One replied to mail received before March 1996, and continued through July 1996.
Part Two began in August 1996, and continued through November 1996.
Part Three began in July 1997, and continued through January 1999.
Part Four began in December 1999, and continued through May 2000.
Part Five began in July 2002 and continued through December 2002.
Part Six began in October 2004, and continued through December 2006.
Part Seven began in March 2007, and is the current file.

There is also a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) Page we've recently added that you might wish to read. It contains short replies to the most common question topics sent us. (Also please note that the continuing Gold Leaf Awards, for identifying that single Moog note in S-OB 2000 are generally located at the top of the newest, current letter.)

Thanks to your generous interest the deluge of new questions already got beyond Wendy's best attempts to keep up with starting in 1998. There was a long gap during 2000-2001, and several since then as well. She continues to answer selected queries in groups, and will try her best to post the most interesting comments and answers here as time permits. Many of the most pertinent questions have also been addressed from within other pages on our site. You may find your questions have already been answered in many places on this "Living Page" website. (A common query is about the availability of older albums and filmscore CD's.) You can also Google (or use other search engines) our site by including < wendycarlos.com > in the Search box, along with your target words.
Please don't send bulky files and large images to our mail drop. Often we can't open them anyway, as attachments (enclosures) are often corrupted in web transit, or we may not share compatible file formats. Nowadays we've noted that wiser and kinder folks simply place such large files on a website, perhaps an ftp site, and then just send the url to go fetch it. So that's now what we do. Let's hope this soon becomes the usual way to exchange larger files between e-mail correspondents.
In answer to the question: "who reads the mail sent here?", the vast majority of the time it is Wendy, and no one else. When professional questions are raised, she sends it on to her business or legal partners. Occasionally a message will be sent via me to her, and I may scan it quickly while sending it on. For "when does it get read?", that varies a lot, from a week or two, to a couple of months (the worst, rare situation, when filmscore or album work are in deadline mode). The most common time period is less than three weeks. Thanks again!

(Note: Recently we've been deluged by several less-than-thoughtful senders who've included HUGE attachments (>> 50 megs, fer pete's sake!) with their messages. OUCH! The mail drop transfer of messages sent to this site has now been set to allow a maximum file size of 1 meg, which ought be WAY larger than any reasonable message or letter. Files larger than a meg will NOT be forwarded, but deleted unread.)


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