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Exclusive: A Look  B-e-h-i-n-d  CyberSpace

Here's a view at the actual computer equipment that stores the Wendy Carlos page and all the other Apocalypse sites. A behind-the-scenes peek for the curious! (We have nothing to hide.) Read Wendy's description of her first visit to the site in May of 1996, and added images with expanded commentary from November 1998. Since that time the host server for Apocalypse has been relocated to New Hampshire, and we'll be adding new photos from there when they become available (actually, the new room looks very much like the previous two, but that's just the way it is with today's fast computers and the Internet...!).

Many of our distinctive leaf-icons have been added in a range of colors. You can tell at a glance where you are by noting the color of the Leaf-Icons on that page. The newly revised index page shows you which goes where. The current spectrum of colors is:

Gold, Tan, Platinum, Gray, Violet, Cyan, Blue,
Lime, Olive, Green, Orange, Red, Purple and Magenta.

Note that Brown versions of the leaf are used for some secondary markers, in regular and small sizes. You will also find Purple or Magenta versions on miscellaneous pages. See if this helps you as our site grows larger, which is inevitable on a Living Page...

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