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Wendy Carlos is one of the most important composers living today. While primarily connected to the fields of electronic music, sound design, and alternate tunings, her compositions transcend these genres. It is certain that her music will be included among the major milestones of 20th century music.

Note: Due to major shifts in the music business, we lost our ESD distribution, leaving us stranded with few good options. Time for updating this website became severely limited. We expect to have news on Wendy's albums, plus regular website additions ASAP. Thank you for your many concerned inquiries and patience, good friends.

Leaf Discography -- (CDs: new and remasters, get info, listen, buy.)
Disc Notes -- (Answers to questions about new and old albums.)
News and Old News -- (What's up, releases, new projects, etc.)
Warnings -- (Piracy notices, unauthorized sales information.)
Aftermath -- (A personal photo essay on the attacks of 9/11/01)
Photo Archive -- (The studio, historical, personal, & wendy pix.)
Wendy's Artwork -- (Drawings, photos, whimsy, computer graphics.)
Leaf Solar Eclipses -- (Some of the finest eclipse images anywhere.)
Leaf Map Making -- (A look into maps, projections, with examples.)
Experiments in Color -- (How do we really see in color?)
LeafResources -- (Free Downloads -- files, articles, music, wit, MIDI, misc.)
Leaf Biography -- (A brief biographical sketch, and related info.)
Leaf Write Wendy -- (Includes Wendy's Open Letters -- wi replies to yours.)
Leaf Metapage -- (A page about this page, interesting background info)
Surround Sound -- (An insider's guide to Quad thru 7.2 surround.)
Leaf WurliTzer II -- (A virtual tour of Wendy's custom hybrid instrument.)
On Bob Moog -- (May 23, 1934 - August 21, 2005, R.I.P.)
Leaf PDF Files -- (NEW addition to Resource page, magazine interviews...+)
Leaf What's New? -- (Check here first to find the latest additions.)

Bogus "Bio" Alert
Please be aware there’s a purported “Biography” on me just released. It belongs on the fiction shelf. No one ever interviewed me, nor anyone I know. There's zero fact-checking. Don’t recognize myself anywhere in there—weird. Sloppy, dull and dubious, it's hardly an objective academic study as it pretends to be.
This slim, mean-sprited volume is based on several false premises. All of it is speculation taken out of context. The key sources are other people’s write-ups of interviews done for magazine articles. There’s simply no way to know what’s true or not—nothing is first-hand.
The book is presumptuous. Pathetically, it accepts as “factual” a grab-bag of online urban legends, including anonymous axes to grind. The author imputes things she doesn’t understand, misses the real reasons for what was done or not done. She’s in way over her head, outside any areas of expertise, and even defames my dear deceased parents—shame!
Well, now you know, and have the victim's honest reactions. Wish there were more one could do about needless personal attacks, but we have to understand how essential freedom of speech is, even when it permits such abuse. Have dealt with stereotyping most of my life, a pretty tough hide by now. But aren’t there new, more interesting targets?
Unless you consider “academic” books a form of contact sport, you really might want to reconsider your time and money.  —Wendy Carlos, August 2020.

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