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7.15.2001 - Two unusual in depth interviews with Wendy were conducted by the witty, sharp music writer, Carol Wright via phone conversations in the Spring of 2001. Both have been added to our Resources Page, right above our other interview postings. First, there's a long Kaleidoscopic Interview, deeper than usual yet droll and breezy, which Carol wrote for the Synthmuseum website's excellent magazine, on the effects and differences of the newest digital tools on the creating and recording of music in the 21st Century. Both artistic and work-related topics are nicely covered, and will answer many of your unanswered questions.
And then there's a shorter, soul-searching interview that appeared in part along with several others in an article for New Age Retailer. Carol thought the contrast with the other more traditional spiritually inspired artists would be nicely balanced by Wendy's thoughtful humanist realist views. Topics and provocative questions that seldom are discussed anywhere arose, and you will want to read our complete transcript, published here for the first time.
7.10.2001 - During the past week our new Eclipse 2001 Page on the event of June 21st has been expanded in many ways, more images, more descriptions. There's now even a memorable short story by J. F Cooper, which we stumbled upon most serendipitously a day ago. Even if you're not a coronaphile, you will probably find something interesting on the new page.
7.04.2001 - And as promised in the sneak preview of ten days ago, we've finally been able to assemble a nice assortment of images and thoughts about the spectacular total solar eclipse of June 21st, 2001. The report has its own new page here. There are the usual special composite images of totality itself, and several unusual panoramic shots taken in Zambia, complete with full descriptions. Your best views of the corona other than being there!
6.23.2001 - Now here's a scoop for you. Just go take a look at the first corona of the new millennium, witnessed just three days ago, in decent preliminary versions, with a couple of short paragraphs about a most memorable experience. It's near the end of our eclipse page.
6.7.2001 - As usual, there were a few edits to be made in the new additions just added to the photo page. Also another image was processed and added, this one of Wendy with Subi, old friends sitting together for a final quiet time.
5.28.2001 - There are several new photos and a brand new drawing uploaded this evening. Most are about Subi, the blue-point Siamese Wendy just lost on May 17th. You may want to read her comments and see the pictures on the photo page and the sketch on the artworks page. There was also some rearranging and editing of both pages done, and another new shot of Pandy (versus a laserprinter this time, a new discovery) was added at the bottom of the newer pet section of photos.
4.30.2001 - We have noticed for awhile that many of your comments and questions cover similar topics, most often about the planned availability of a particular favorite album title. Well, here's a new way to reply back to you. This update includes our newest page of Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQ, as they usually are referred to in webspace. We hope this helps make it a little less frustrating for you in the future -- when in doubt and the question is not unusual, please take a look here first.
You may notice some edits and additions to our newest Color Vision section this update. A few of the images have been replaced by improved and expanded versions, and the text has been changed to reflect the differences. Several subtle errors have been caught, and two explanations which were a little ambiguous have been rewritten. Our recent page on Surround Sound has also been polished and tweaked in many places.
4.17.2001 - This has been an extensive upload. You'll notice that the index page reflects the newest pages that have been added during the past two months, some of the largest additions since we began this site. The new Surround Page now has its own place at the bottom of the list, where its leaf color matches the best (note also a new olive leaf section below mapping). An oil painting was added along with description and links, at the bottom of the first category on the Artworks page.
But the biggest addition this time is a completely new section on Color Vision, experiments you can try at home, theory and practice, and a wealth of information unavailable elsewhere. There are three interlocked basic pages with several auxiliary ones, and over 80 all new images, the most covering any one topic on our site! It's also a nice change of pace from the other topics, something we hope you'll enjoy.

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3.28.2001 - In the usual way new pages need a couple of weeks of shakedown and tweaking, our page on Surround Sound has been edited and expanded a great deal, including new sections, diagrams and explanations, a whole new page on recording in surround, and a fine-tuning of the complete section. Many of you may enjoy two historical columns by Bert Whyte, some of Wendy's earliest inspiration for multichannel music. Many errors have been tracked down and fixed, and an additional dedicated Table of Contents page was added for sake of speed in navigating and browsing.
We've also gone through many of our other site pages which had broken links, and tried to get most of these working again, and caught some remaining small glitches overlooked earlier (a good web site is never done...). Obviously when external sites update or delete pages they seldom let anyone else know about it. So on any page which links to external sources there will usually be links that cease to work without warning.  
3.14.2001 - The newest page on Surround Sound just got another two pages of additions, plus some overall initial cleanup in text and images, as all new uploads invariable require that additional editing during the first week or so. We've also created a new section containing the story and copies of two infamous letters written to Billboard magazine during the heat of the Quad Wars of the early 70's. These documents have not been seen in nearly three decades, and they couldn't be more apt than right now. There's also the start of a new fourth page that describes some of the early Matrix systems, with three cool sheets of technical notes and calculations.  
3.12.2001 - Let's say you're just getting involved with assembling a home theater and listening room, and are trying to install a good surround sound system. Or you're a recording engineer, studio owner or producer who's about to make your first 5.1 recording and mix. Or you've just read a lot of conflicting stories about 5-channel this, or quadraphonic that, and would appreciate someone who's been doing this for a long time stepping forward with a few facts.
Wendy takes on many of the issues behind the newest audio format, and speaks from decades of surround sound experience. There are some good tips and experiments you ought try yourself, before you agree too quickly to follow the latest Pseudo-Prophet from the Mount. This non-dogmatic essay is easy to read, with many clear illustrations to make the points, and evenhandedly tries to sort out many of the main issues. This is just the first portion of a new section of our website that promises to be a most welcome addition to the web. We'll be adding more to it again over the months ahead. Go to the New Surround Sound Page.
3.09.2001 - We've managed to ignore the Artwork Page for a while now, so it's time to do something about that, however modest. You can take a look at a new optimization of the famous Mariner 4 image 11 that we first described a few years ago on its 30th Anniversary. This new version is probably about as good as the ancient (computer-wise), modest data permits, certainly better than the version we posted originally. There's an update about Painter and Kai under the Mandala image, too. On our new CD edition of Digital Moonscapes page, you'll see a description with a link to a wonderful new site for NASA's planetary images, appropriate to those who want to learn more about the inspirations for this colorful album.
But the must read for this month comes from the Synthmuseum site (index page from this link), which has just added ths brand-new, Kaleidoscopic Interview with Wendy, conducted by the witty, sharp music writer, Carol Wright. Much deeper than usual yet droll and breezy, it may very well answer many questions you've been asking. We'll post a mirror version on our site eventually, but for the moment it's theirs exclusively, in this beautifully designed online version (thanks, Jay!). There's a lot of fascinating other material on their site, too, if your interests range to matters "synthy" and historical. Recommended!
2.26.2001 - Images, we've got scads of new images for you on the latest uploads to our site. To see them all, navigate first to the Photos Page, and check near the bottom of the new critter photos. There are a half-dozen new silly shots, plus two more serious new ones added to the Miscellaneous category, with new captions for all. Via the top photo and description for the Circon (first image under miscellaneous images) go over to the dedicated page for The Circon. At the bottom are three new current photos and captions that show you a lot more about this unusual performance device. Also check out the newly added console image in the studio photos section, a nice sharp new scan.
Then move over to the Eclipse Page, where we've replaced an old mediocre quality shot of the '73 desert site with a new wider version in more accurate color, freshly scanned and assembled from two original 2 1/4" slides. This time you can even see the whitish disk of the sun as it was setting in the unusual variegated colored, hazy sky of the first evening on-site (a sandstorm had occurred the day before -- much of the visible particulate had settled by the day of the eclipse). The latter image is a fitting upload for today's date, the same that two fine eclipses we document occurred: on 2/26/79 and 2/26/98. And please to note the replacement of our index page photo with a more current one, and some placement editing for it -- you don't want to remain in a rut too long. Finally, we fixed a missing gif image of the dvorak keyboard layout near the bottom of our Resources Page. Phew! Hope you enjoy the new views!
1.17.2001 - Added some more reviews to the Beauty in the Beast page this upload (newest reviews will be found at the bottom of the album's page, as usual).

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7.15.2001 - Two unusual in depth interviews with Wendy w

12.18.2000 - This time we've got some new images for you for the holidays. There's a fine additional portrait photo of Carlos's producer in the 70's, Rachel Elkind-Tourre, on her own page. And for those of you who love unusual vivid wide angle imagery, take a look at the screen filling shots of the studio in a mind-bending Virtual Cinerama we've just added to the Photos Page. How and why is described therein.
11.25.2000 - You finally can order your own professional quality prints of our finest eclipse image, as described on our eclipse page. Since many of you have written about this, but we have no facilities to handle custom prints, we arranged a connection through the leading amateur astronomy magazine, Sky & Telescope, to provide 16" x 20" deluxe photo prints. Read the details HERE. Also during this update many edits, revisions, additions and a few spelling/typo corrections were made on a dozen of the site's pages, including expanded captions to several images on the photos pages.
Finally, acknowledging your requests, we've changed two Kurzweil K2000/2500 Resource images from downloadable .hqx format files, into on-screen GIFs linked from the resources page. You can now just view these directly from your browser (monitors are generally bigger now than when they were first posted), and drag or make copies for convenient use and print-out later. Try it out.
11.20.2000 - At last we've had the chance to update the News Page. Included you will find the story about the newest two albums being released in Fall of 2000. There's a chance to compare the new with original covers for Digital Moonscapes. More important, you can read about the current progress and upcoming release plans on ESD of Wendy Carlos albums as things stand at the end of 2000.
11.16.2000 - Just added the links for easy access to audition and purchase Digital Moonscapes and Beauty in the Beast from the discography page, and added extra comments and notes to their respective "more info" pages on this update. We'll get there yet...
11.6.2000 - With the summer given over to a frantic assembly and remastering of two more albums for ESD, there was little assistance to go around, and we were sorry (thanx for your patience!) to be forced to allow our site to sit, "stet." No more. On the discography page you will find the new titles added on the top, and several other edits and cleanups have been done, bringing this information up to date.
There are also two new pages, one for each of the newest remasterings, Digital Moonscapes, and Beauty in the Beast. As the latter was available for only a very few months, despite excellent critical response, it is with some relief and genuine excitement that we announce its availability, in a new, ultra hi-fi 20-bit CD. The former has also never sounded so good, and at last shows off the original art concepts in a vivid new graphics reconstruction, replacing the original, lame CBS version. These are the initial pages, which we'll be adding to as the next few months progress.
6.12.2000 - This time you'll find some cosmetic improvements made to the top of the discography pages. Also a temporary page that explained how the former Soundstone.com, later Rock.com, was no longer in operation, has been removed (after only a few weeks). We are now officially Amazon Associates. Each album's small CD icon now links conveniently to the appropriate Amazon music page, with that title in view. Some small mistakes and edits were also repaired during the rebuild of the page.
4.3.2000 - We've just added a few new reviews and mini-reviews to the pages for the Switched-On Bach's Set (a long, major new review from American Record Guide), Clockwork Orange complete original score, and Tales of Heaven and Hell. Some additional links were inserted, edits and a few small glitches were fixed, and mention was added to the discography page that the next ESD release will be the long-unavailable critically acclaimed CD, Beauty in the Beast! (Readers of Keyboard magazine may remember this colorful review by Jim Aikin.)
3.20.2000 - Right now the newest additions are to be found on our Eclipse Page and Photos Page. Thanks to letters from fans of that page who asked that the 1974 eclipse (which they also attended) be the next added report with images, this was finally completed today. There are quite a few interesting details in the report, not the least important being that the expedition was airborne! You must see a shot of the retreating monster shadow on the clouds below the plane. This first non-private totality chase took place off the coast of SW Austrailia in June of that year, and you can read all about it here. While finding some other images, we stumbled upon a few other shots taken of the 1972 eclipse, which was a shipboard observation. You might enjoy seeing a couple of new pix with the newly extended report for this, the first total eclipse sea-chase of its kind.
Among those other images just found was a badly faded snapshot of R. Dennis Schwarz wiring parts of the Mark II console. After a mess of massaging in PhotoShop, we've added it to the Photos Page, in the section on the second studio. We didn't think there were any extant photos of "Bobby" to feature here, where it's only fitting for his critical contributions to the equipment used to record all the music featured on this site. It's great to be able to add his image here. Also several text mistakes were fixed and a few photo captions were edited and expanded on that page, for this upload.
3.15.2000 - You'll find two neat additions to the Eclipse Page this update. First, three lovely images (thought lost) of the dramatic conclusion to the 1963 have been scanned and optimized to add an exciting addition to the first eclipse report. Second, a surprising astronomical adventure is now linked from the Eclipse Page, one of a rare totality, indeed. It occurred in 1976 and is exclusively documented here (the only place on the Web?) with images and a rather remarkable tale. It has its own web page, here, and involves the covering up of a sun, but one that's not in the middle of our Solar System. Curious? Go take a look!
2.14.2000 - The Open Letter 4 continues to be expanded bit by bit, the newer material towards the bottom. It now includes four winners of the Gold Leaf Award -- yeay, team, go! There's also some commentary on the quality of earlier LP album versions (and cassettes) versus the latest Hi-D remasterings, and a caveat on research queries and similar nontrivial requests that continue to be received here.
1.11.2000 - Posted today are the latest version of Open Letter 4 and a handful of corrections and edits in the texts of other pages. Skim through the 4th Open Letter for recent topics in the mail to our site: questions about surround sound, digital audio standards, eclipse image prints, the Peter & the Wolf parody with Yankovic, sensitivity to other's belief systems (be kind), a thoughtful attempt to reply to queries about achievement (versus vanity), those "original original S-O" covers, and our latest Gold Star awards.
There's also new information, and some editing added to the page about our background pattern, with a new link you may enjoy visiting.

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1.2.2000 - This time a new IC-Bug icon and Post 1/1/00 commentary box (of the "told-u-so" variety) were added to the Open Letter 4's curmudgeonly predictions, Y2k Bugs and other "Millennial" topics. To start the year right, we also made a few edits and corrections to that open letter, and a few other spots on the site where mistakes were discovered. May we take this moment to wish you all very Happy New Year 2000!
12.28.1999 - A new brief Warnings page has been added to address recent sales on web based auction sites of unauthorized CD's of Wendy Carlos albums. Please note and beware the copyright infringements by mediocre, phony albums and not-for-sale promotional material. (Thanks to many of you for bringing these to our attention!)
Both minor and major edits were made on the discography page, the S-O Boxed Set page, and elsewhere, reflecting a change of status of two albums. We've edited and added more info on buying music online, and inserted some extra links for your convenience. Three additional short reviews were added to the boxed set page, and a few minor display problems of the contents list there were fixed.
But the most interesting addition for some of you, as 1999 is about to close, will be the new Open Letter part four that was just posted. This is a fairly long single addition, and gets through over a half of topics, questions, and thoughts that you've brought up over this past year (made it just under the wire.) Take a look!
12.18.1999 - Finally we have added a good sampling of Early Reviews for the S-O Boxed Set information page, published, posted or sent in to us. We'd like to thank those of you who contributed your early impressions and enthusiasm on this recent major release.
A new message, with additional links for your convenience, has been added concerning the ordering of CDs via the web. That's on our discography page, just below the current release list.
For something completely different, there's a new subpage of the Artwork page containing three home made Xmas cards from past years. The holiday season goes by very fast, so these will be timely but for a short while. But you may still enjoy taking a browse whenever, for whimsy's sake.
11.06.1999 - We've been asked both here and on the ESD site about the restoration and musical/audio cleanups that went into the gorgeous sound on our Switched-On Boxed Set. We aim to please the best we can. So the boxset page itself has been edited, and a whole new page was created and written than goes into more details that you ever might want to know about this somewhat technical topic. Read all about it on our new "Taming The Beast" page.
10.28.1999 - Quite a few edits and updates were brought on by the 10/25 additions. So there have been extensive edits and rewritings on the Discography, Recent News, and S-O Boxed Set pages. With the Enhanced-CD files included on Disk IV of the boxed set some newer html versions were created of resources available up to now only as text files. These can be found, along with other edits, in several places on the Resources page. A well-done new interview written by Carol Wright for New Age Voice magazine was also generously made available for us to add to the S-O Boxed Set page in a newly added section of reviews.
We've recently discovered that many of you innocently find yourself looking at older versions of pages we've worked hard to update and add timely, interesting new information. It's a lousy side-effect of file caching, which was designed to speed up browsing of often-visited locations. So we've added messages in several places: you ought trash your cache often, or if you didn't, just do a reload each new visit of any Living Pages to be sure you're seeing the latest version.
10.25.1999 - Hear ye, here ye shall find our newest postings to browse. There are important additions on the Discography page, where the just released Switched-On Boxed Set is now included, and several timely edits and updates were made. The new boxed set also has its own new page, which is already filled with a lot of information and images of the new set. You can also see some of the pages of the big book on our Recent News page. This is the album most of you have been requesting with the loudest, most persistent voice for several years now (we've got a folder of e-mail from you to prove it). Your wishes have been granted, so give all those older CD's and LP's to the kids and friends, as THIS is the one you want to have, no contest. Now check it out online, and order your own copy of this lavish collector's edition, the definitive Switched-On collection like you never heard it or seen it before!
And for something completely different, under the studio images of our Photos page is a new entry on an antique four-track tape recorder that's still working and looks pretty spiffy for 40 years old. With the increased awareness at long last in Surround Sound, here's a machine that was making exciting surround recordings of acoustic and electronic music back in the late 50's, you might say a bit ahead of the pack...
9.11.1999 - You may by pleased to learn the expected good news, now appended to the Recent News page: the newest major remastering project, Switched-On Boxed Set, was at last completed on 9/9/1999 (!) , and is at the factory, along with the design, graphics and text elements now being printed for the early October ESD release. Also, since the eclipse info was updated below, a few errors were discovered and fixed. So our Eclipse page has been updated once again in the report on last month's gorgeous totality.
8.30.1999 - And here's the expanded version of the most recent addition of a week ago, for the 1999 Total Eclipse. It includes the final, dazzling optimized version of that fabulous corona, with more description notes, and another version of the eclipse that shows the sun as if seen through a transparant moon, thanks to some SOHO image data. If you never look at another total eclipse photo, please take a look at these!
8.24.1999 - For those coronaphiles among you (or just the curious), take a look at the concise report of the latest Total Solar Eclipse of August 8, 1999. There's a dandy new composite coronal image to see that came out remarkably well, of a particularly gorgeous corona. You may enjoy reading some of the background info, including the essential contributions of Jonathan Kern.
7.29.1999 - While work progresses on the new Switched-On Boxed Set (read about the progress on our News page), many photos were assembled by the art director, Chika Azuma, for use in the two packed books to be included. She has such a keen sense of design and good taste it was difficult to argue that a few tiny cat and pup pix might be slightly gauche. They've actually turned out really well.
In collecting the raw images, quite a few shots of the newest critters had to be taken and scanned. Several have just been added to our Photos page, where you can find a running commentary on the newest members to the loft. Since quite a few of you have been asking for such photos, at long last we have something for you -- take a look!
4.22.1999 - During the remastering and assembly of the newest ESD releases, now underway (halting most new work on our site for awhile,) some images of high quality were needed for the new CD booklet. So all new scans and extensive hand-optimizations were made including some much improved images of earlier versions we had posted on this website. We've gone ahead and updated several of our JPEGs here for you, and even if you've seen them before, these new versions are worth a second look.
First, on the Photos page, You'll find that the second color image of the 410 studio has been replaced with a considerably improved large version (just click on the tiny image.) The first and third views of the brownstone studio are much clearer and brighter than ever before (the WA view down the stairs into the studio, and the lower angle view towards the console,) also the full Moog synth shot that currently is annotated with the full list of synth modules is greatly improved. And the top good photo of former collaborator Rachel Elkind-Tourre, on her own page, is now in full color, and a lot clearer and brighter, too, replacing an early B&W scan.

3.12.1999 - With the death of Stanley Kubrick, you'll find this time a pencil sketch I just made, for a page of reminiscences about working with him (linked mainly from the Recent News page,) and a little of what I learned and experienced scoring two films, in 1971 and 1980. There's a description of just the sketch added to the Artwork Page, and mutual links between pages have been added here and there.
3.5.1999 - Eclipses galore this time. There may be a lot of interest in the topic while August 1999 approaches, and with it a neat total eclipse over many parts of Europe and West Asia. So while I'm going to be out of availability (with the SOBox set remastering tasks of many kinds) to do many more additions to the site, save short items that don't require a lot of time, I wanted to get a good larger chunk of these images on site, uploaded for all of you coronaphiles to browse.
So take a look on the Eclipse page. There's a feature addition with many images of the long 1973 Sahara desert eclipse, the remarkable images and tale from the near-miss annular in May of 1984, additional notes for three of the previously posted eclipses, and another brand-new image with the behind-the-scenes story from the 1998 totality. This one includes the actual solar disk taken in far UV light, to study and compare with the associated corona surrounding it: cause and effect... Kinda pretty, too!

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2.27.1999 - A smaller list than usual this time. I've been kindly sent a few typo corrections and have made the fixes (thanx to those who were sharply on the ball!) As the current crop of messages had more than the usual cry for help in finding albums I've never even heard of, I added a block of information to the bottom of the Discography page that speaks on this. It's sort of flattering that some of you seem to think I made every album of classical music on a synthesizer out there, or at least know of every example, however great or g r a t i n g ...

2.10.1999 - Small stuff added this go-round. There's a new TH&H review on its page, and a new page of questions and answers about vocoders, with added links from other site pages where appropriate. Several sections have been edited for clarity and content. General housekeeping on other pages, not worth pointing out here.

2.3.1999 - We've tried a ZIP utility on our Macs to generate PC versions of our MIDI files on the Resources page. They appear fourth in the selections. These are built with Digital Performer as general MIDI files, using DOS names with the extension ".MID". Then they are compressed to ZIP format and uploaded as raw binary files. They ought be readable if you had difficulties with the downloads here before.
Note: if it's missing when expanded, type in the ". MID" suffix. These are not TXT files, even if they appear to be by default. You will need a sequencer program that recognizes the midi file format to open them. You may also need one of those file conversion utilities to make them match your particular sequencer and operating system. This is obvious to our serious intel-based users, and you probably have the proper destuffing software already for binhex files, ".hqx" as have been here for awhile. A few reports are that this is insufficient. We want to help you out, so have generated these additional versions, which have now been reported to be working well by several PC users.

1.31.1999 - After a lengthy scan-ocr-html session, we are able to add both this short Keyboard review of BitB by Jim Aikin, and the witty Electronic Musician Cover Story Interview with Connor Freff Cochran, appearing here for the first time in about 12 years. If you've been waiting for more interviews and reviews, go look on the Resources page under Texts.

1.30.1999 - Three additions this time. The first one's small: you'll find the often asked for list of all the Moog Synth modules right below the color photo of it on the Photos page. Now you know. The next modest addition is Wendy's description of adventures with Aris Technology's new audio watermarking system: MusiCode, on our new DiscNotes page.
The large third addition is a notable one on the Resources page. You'll discover the new subpage to download the actual full MIDI files used in composing and performing "HeavenScent" on TH&H. There's a description of the files, and some background info on their creation, with three screen snapshot images to help you navigate the files, and several MIDI format versions of the music, all downloadable. For those of you who've enjoyed the other MIDI files we've made available here, this one's sure to please. Have fun!

1.29.1999 - Lots of things uploaded this time. The whole Photos page has been completely reworked (into two invisibly linked sub-pages). It now loads all of its images from a single folder (a huge upload of all new images!), a mod recently made also to the Resources page. All of these images have been optimized to current monitor standards. You'll not recognize some of them, the old murky look is vanquished to memory... Some images had been stored as very large gifs. These have been replaced with good quality JPEGs that look even better, and load much more quickly.
There are new images added, including reworkings of the original scans Matthew posted. These now are grouped by context, and have new commentary for each. A new set of photos of Nago haz been posted in the critter-pix section, in his memory, along with the emotional story of saying farewell. Recommended are some new images of the older brownstone studio, which can be compared to the way it looked just before moving from there. You'll want to recheck this page again even if you thought you'd seen it all.
Our new Map Making page has gotten another map added already near the bottom. The book list was not displaying correctly -- this has been fixed. The Tour through Cyberspace (and to lesser extent, the referring Metapage) has been updated with new images, notes, and many edits. Every current page on the site was reworked to incorporate slightly improved icons for navigating that no longer collide with each other. Some bugs were worked out, a few missing or incorrect links were repaired.
Many of our distinctive leaf-icons have been added in a range of colors. You can tell at a glance where you are by noting the color of the Leaf-Icons on that page. The newly revised index page shows you which goes where (the colors are: Gold, Tan, Platinum, Gray, Violet, Cyan, Blue, Lime, Green, Orange, Red, and Magenta. Note that brown versions are used for some secondary markers, in regular and small sizes. You will also find purple versions on miscellaneous pages. See if this helps you as our site grows larger, inevitable on a Living Page...!

1.26.1999 - Now here's something new to the site and probably surprising for most of you, a Map Making page. This site addition is about maps, their calculation, several neat examples newly optimized and rendered in Photoshop, and the story of how Wendy became fascinated in, and self-taught about map projections, and making maps with the help of a computer. A few of the large views are big enough to be suitable for printing, and there's a listing at the end of a few books that might help you learn about this old/new topic.

1.24.1999 - And for this upload we get a fairly mixed bag of new stuff. There are three new images on the Artwork page (at the top of the "via computer graphics" section.) There is a new clearer, larger version of the full size Headless Horseman jpeg on the page, while on the Photo page, an improved color photo jpeg of the 410 studio is to be found as it was when Timesteps was composed, and a better '68 studio B&W image from the time of SOB. Several more of the other murky photos have been carefully tweaked.

A few places allow you to link to an enthusiastic personal report on MotU's Digital Performer, which might be called a "Secret Weapon" (as it so often is for many media artists.) Many now out-of-date old files on our site were removed as part of the cleanup campaign to help the server be more responsive with less logjam, much more organized internally. No links to show that here, but trust us, it's being taken care of behind the scenes!

1.23.1999 - The Eclipse page has just gotten a further reworking to match the site's overall new look and feel. Begun a few weeks ago, it's now complete and much expanded, including reworked texts for the Aruba eclipse in 1998. There is the Newkirk letter, with more complete descriptions of compositing, in the opening and ending texts.

More importantly, you'll find extensive coverage of several new eclipse to the site: for 1963 July (a new image), 1977 Oct. (3 new images and their descriptions added), and 1984 Nov. (new text and 3 new images.) The coronal image for the 1988 was rebuilt to remove several problems. Similarly, the 1991 images were redone, the coronal shot in particular getting a much refined new treatment. Nice stuff to browse.

On a completely different topic, if you look at the Artwork page under Whimsy, you'll discover a couple of collector's buttons sitting right there, with descriptions of why they on our site, and why they seemed worth showing to you, too!

And finally, we've got the completely reworked version of the Resources page up and working. All the files are now being downloaded from their own folder. We'll try to expand the options soon for other formats in many choice cases. The reworked look and feel now matches all the other new pages, and several edits and broken links have been addressed.

1.20.1999 - Today you get eclipses. Each of the current batch of images has been lightened to match the general standard, and each has been somewhat enhanced and color balanced. Then more images were added, and the Eclipse page you'll find these on was edited quite a lot, including added notes and pix on the 1980 and 1997 eclipses. Other detailed notes for each eclipse and the final commentary was expanded.

1.16.1999 - You will probably note a few new icons throughout the site. Wendy's newest drawings are of a cherished old Topcon camera for the Photos page, a newspaper for Recent News, an amusing slightly "used" newspaper for Older News, some art tools for the Artwork page, and an appropriate faucet for your downloads from the Resource page. The older quill pen icon had been out of scale, and was resized and cleaned up in a new version, on the Open Letter pages, and a few other spots.

1.15.1999 - Read some very happy news just added to the Recent News page. It explains Wendy's current experiences with a new American Harvest dehydrator in restoring many old master tapes to decent, playable shape (as she puts it: Tron Lives!) Those ailing masters that had turned into "tree-sap" are slowly being recovered as this information is posted. There's also an excellent article by Eddie Cilletti that details how to restore such tapes, what to do and NOT to do! Recommended. Many of you will enjoy seeing an added photo with description, of Wendy's former collaborator, Rachel. You'll also discover more reviews (Thanks to everyone for the generous comments!) for SS/LMS and the full CO score.

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1.14.1999 - There's a collection of Tales of 1998 added to the Recent News page this upload. Topics of a very difficult year include the experience of the Woundings filmscore, some surprising master preparations for the three first ESD CDs, comments about a dispiriting legal brush with someone's Trojan "Tribute", and the changing of the guard of pets in the loft. A teaser of information on the next remasterings rounds out the news additions, and these are appended above the prior Recent News. Finally, the page is reworked to have the newest look and feel of our site.

1.6.1999 - To start the year off, there are many pertinent new notes and comments in a new adjunct of the Discography page, the Disc Notes page. Some of you have mailed questions about new and old CDs. You may find your answers on this new page (we do try to respond to your many questions the best we can!) There are details about some of the timbres used on TH&H -- how they were obtained. Several recent reviews have been added to the bottom of the individual ("more information about") pages for the first three ESD releases: TH&H, SS/LMS, and CO. The Recent News and Older News pages have been edited and cleaned up. A few edits were also made midway in the Open Letter 3, concerning Synergy synthesizer support (thanks to Frank Hausman for this.)
The most notable addition for this update is that we've included a total of eight pages (on two large high-res scans, pp. 1-4, and pp. 17-20, cleaned and edited for clarity) of the original score to TimeSteps! In the composer's own handwriting, these clear jpegs (about 400k each) are fascinating to study, even if you don't read music, as they use an unusual graphic presentation of the equally unusual music. Compare them with the first track on the new Clockwork Orange ESD CD. This notable score has been unavailable for over 25 years! View and download the pages here, exclusively on our site.

12.21-30.1998 - Redesign and Expansion of Site Underway!
The complete
<wencar.com> Online Information Center is currently being reworked extensively, with many improvements to the "look and feel" and ease of use of all the pages. For navigating handy return buttons have been added, to bring you back to the top of a given page, or to return to a prior one. Additional links at the top of most new pages let you jump quickly to topics of interest, with less need for scrolling. This first major revision of our site is being done without resorting to the sluggishness of Frames, or similar clumsy alternatives. We hope you will approve.
Check out the much better organization and vastly increased content of the Discography Page, (the most extensively rebuilt page) now that East Side Digital has begun releasing nearly all of Wendy's back catalog and the newest albums, like "Tales of Heaven & Hell" (it's finally available!) You'll find a clear description of what's currently available (yes, even "Sonic Seasonings", and the full Carlos score to "Clockwork Orange"!), with complete new pages containing in-depth information about every title, the full liner notes, early reviews, behind the scenes, and links for you to audition and purchase online. (Note that the already dwindling list of currently unavailable titles will shrink to nothing over the next year...) Finally we've added some expanded notes of what yet remains to be done and why, in answer to your frequent questions, completes the neatly reworked page. Take a look.
The maintenance of our site had to be put on hold for most of 1998, unfortunately, for a collection of time-intensive projects with tight deadlines. Wendy will describe this "most difficult year of my life" in the forthcoming NEWS page, to be uploaded in early January (just the news from July is posted for the moment.) It was only in mid-December that work on the site could resume. There was such a backlog of things to be posted and revised, which neither Matthew nor Wendy had time to do except crudely up to now, that a full reworking of the site was called for to bring everything up to date, not just patched on bits and pieces, which most sites accumulate, like barnacles. For the moment, we have added the December '98 Interview with Wendy by Chris Twomey of Exclaim magazine (it will eventually be linked from the News page, perhaps.)

Posted right now is the new look Index Page, which you have probably already noted. There is a new 3-D shaded background on all reworked pages (the pages yet to be updated still display the prior background), based on the original tiling of Wendy's name. The new background better handles very large monitors, as the recent would clumsily repeat it's tonal gradients on larger screens. A few shaded variations of the background were designed, to enhance legibility and the look of the newest pages. Some of these include the MetaPage, MetaNotes, some Background on the Background, and a Cyber Look behind the scenes. Considerable trial and error was spent just to get the new look and feel operating cleanly over the Net, although the content in many cases has been edited and expanded during the process.
The biography has been extensively rewritten and brought up to date, and an additional essay in reply to those with prurient obsessions has been added. Find it on the Updated Biography Page. Similarly, the Artwork Page has been reworked and edited, so things are easier to find and to read. There is now also more room to grow after this latest housecleaning. The Eclipse Page has been reworked in an identical fashion, and images and descriptions of the February 1998 total eclipse were finally added (not just the prior links). The notes for the Peter and the Wolf parody album have been added to our site, and linked via the Discography Page, as usual. New reviews have been added to each new ESD album, as we discover them. Use the "more info" link for that album (on the Discography page.) The reviews are at the bottom of each info page, but can be jumped to easily from "What they're saying about it -- Reviews", in the selection box at the top of each.
Several other pages were updated to match the new look of our site, and their content was edited and updated here and there, but more importantly many errors that had slipped in and collected were at last corrected. These now include: Write Wendy, the several long replies back to you, starting with the first Open Letter, the Recent News Page, the note on the Circon, and the request for additional information Contributions to our site.
Throughout the site you may also note that selected images have been rescanned and improved over their original versions. The poorest small views are now a bit larger and much sharper. Color and contrast were occasionally a bit muddy, done to earlier reference gray levels. Many are now optimized, and more will follow ASAP. Behind the scenes the organization of all the files for this site, sorted now by type and/or topic, is being completely reworked, to increase download speeds, reduce internal lost links, and facilitate continued growth with increasing complexity. There are a very few links that are not working properly that you may run across. This is just the temporary result of posting what's newly reworked before all the interlocking pieces are ready. Thanx for bearing with us during it all!

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7.17.98 - We're back! Please check the Recent News Page (do a Reload first, if necessary). There are several important items to read there, including one major headline. Go look and be pleased. Also note that the prior news is now on its own Older News Page, and that several changes have been made to the index/homepage for the site, and a few small edits were made to several pages. The newest news items also explain why it was necessary to abandon this site without any updates for so long. Matthew kindly inserted one added headline about the new filmscore in May. Also added today is a chunk more of Open Letter III, some background material as to what's going on right now, and what's planned for the future.

11.30.97 - This time the additions are on the Recent News Page (do a Reload first, if necessary). A recent piano recital premiered a novel work by Wendy. Some additonal comments were added about the new CD project, a new page was added about Wendy's longtime collaborator, Rachel Elkind, and a few pages were edited and cleaned up.

10.28.97 - Here by popular demand, on our Resources Page (do a Reload first, if necessary) are many of Wendy's own custom Tuning Tables for several popular synths! The MIDI files are, as before, in the original Performer (and DP) format, and in Standard MIDI file format. There are PICT images to guide you, and Wendy has written a good basic guide on how to use the data. It could save many of you hours of tedium, and may get you started on this timely subject. Good Luck!

9.8.97 - Some housekeeping editing of the Resources Page has been performed this time (do a Reload first), and two very different new texts have been added there. One is a recent Letter to the Editor of the New York Times, explaining what it was like to be a composition student when the Serialist School was at its height. The other is an irreverent parody collection of so-called "Recording Tips for the Novice". Use with care!

7.28.97 - You may note a few improvements in the "look & feel" of our site. The background has been made with a somewhat smaller pattern, and given a subtle gradient across its width. The Blue Ribbon for free speech on the Net is now no longer necessary (hooray -- we won!), and has been removed from the Index Page. That page also has a smoother masthead title, quicker loading of its gifs, and some rearrangements and edits to the page layout. The counter has been giving trouble -- it's currently replaced with a User Stats page link. If you don't see these changes, do a Reload.

7.20.97 - This time there are some added comments about the new album, TH&H, early on in the Recent News Page, and a mess of new comments and answers to your questions on the newly added Open Letter Part Three Page.

6.7.97 - While looking for something completely different (of course!), Wendy discovered more of the original pencil drawings of her Siamese cats placed here last year. We've added two good examples on the Artwork Page.

5.21.97 - This time we've added some photos and final comments about the Bach at the Beacon concert to the Recent News Page, and a few words and photos in memory of an endearing feline friend to the Photos Page.

4.6.97 - Now that the concert is over, read some additional observations and reactions to the event by Wendy on the Recent News Page.

3.14.97 - For those intrigued by the announcements on the Recent News Page, check out the detailed comments just added by Wendy to the bottom of that page. This is the most up to date information on the concert and new CD...

3.11.97 - The Index Page now has an added selection for Recent News. This page will appear occasionally, and be updated promptly or removed temporarily to remain current. Events and new album releases will be featured, including pre-release information and Sneak Previews. News about a live concert by Wendy and the long-awaited major album, Tales of Heaven & Hell, have just been added to this Recent News Page, which features two neat new icons by Wendy.

11.17.96 - A new counter has been added to the Index Page. This is a new design counter that does not miscount "hits" as most counters do. The count is for the index page only. The other page counts and accumulated count can be seen from the User Stats Page.

11.10.96 - A lot of additions were just made to the Open Letter II. With a new album underway, and little time available for html-ing, the backlog of comments had grown rather long. Hope some of the ideas you were interested in got nailed.

10.20.96 - For a touching tribute to a canine friend, there are several new photos and a description of Heather on the Photos Page. This time also some small edits and corrections were made in several places. (Thanks to those of you who spotted a few and let us know.)

09.12.96 - The only additions this time are to the Open Letter II. The Green Leaf list of Bach 2000 Moog sound spotters has been continued on this page, as before, near the end.

08.25.96 - This time we've started a new Open Letter Part Two for you, which continues with comments and answers to the lastest round of feedback. So those of you who have kept current with this feature of the site can read the newer additions much quicker now. It's all there on the Write Wendy page.

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07.20.96 - There are several new additions to the Open Letter, plus the Green Leaf list of Bach 2000 Moog sound spotters has been moved near the end of the letter, just after the location where most new additions are placed.

07.07.96 - On the Resources Page you can download a copy of an article Carlos wrote for PITCH, a journal of Microtonal Resources. It's a concise overview of the family of Asymmetrical tunings, which sound sweet and exotic to our ears.

07.01.96 - The Open Letter has been updated again. And the Photos page has grown even more, with quite a few new images plus commentary by Wendy. Suggestion for repeat-surfers: Put your bookmark to the Wendy Carlos site on this What's New page, and you'll find out at a glance if there's new stuff to look at next time you drop by.

06.20.96 - Look at the Photos page for a bunch of new images of the brownstone studio, as promised. These were taken in 1977 on 2-1/4" slides which have just been found, and document this charming working space quite nicely.

06.15.96 - Several new items have been added to the Resources Page. You'll now find a cue card for transferring AIFF files between a K2000/2500 and a Mac, a Guide Book on the history and use of several Alternate Tunings on Kurzweil and other synthesizers, an image of the Dvorak keyboard layout, and a bit of Yankee word play from a New England Inn.

06.13.96 - Another image is now at the bottom of the Photos page. This one is in response to several of your requests. (Now where else on the Web do you get such prompt attention?) It's the beautiful cover from a currently out-of-print album, Sonic Seasonings.

06.12.96 - Now added to the Resources page are some more choice MIDI files from the 1989 collaboration album with (Weird) Al Yankovic. Included are two complete original compositions from The Carnival of the Animals, Part II and three fascinating sections of their parody on Prokofiev'sPeter and the Wolf. Things to take apart and study or to use in making MIDI sounds yourself!

06.06.96 - The Artwork page, now contains quite a few additional unusual drawings and images, with descriptions by Wendy. Worth a look-see. A few glitches that had crept into some of the pages were also corrected.

06.05.96 - Several items have been added to the Resources page, including two MIDI files of the actual tracks from S-OB 2000, a piano tuning session by Wendy's tuner, MIDI recorded (without his knowledge), a review of Beauty in the Beast, and the complete notes to the Telarc CD, S-OB 2000. Lots of things to look at and try!

06.04.96 - The Metapage now includes a new Tour in Cyberspace, with picures and a description by Wendy of her first visit to the Apocalypse site. A new decription of the Circon, with pictures and text has been added to the Photos page, and other info about it near the end of the Open Letter. A interview from Keyboard magazine by Bob Doerschuk is now linked on the Resources page

05.30.96 - Added a couple of animated icons. The Open Letter has been updated again today, independently of this 'What's New' page. (Note: Additions usually appear near the end, about a screenful or two up from the bottom.)

05.20.96 - Added the Resources page. Did some housekeeping on all pages. Added pix names for text-only browsers. Tightened color tables for better images on 8-bit color screens.

05.05.96 - Added the Headless Horseman drawing to the Artwork page, and reworked that page somewhat. Added the red leaf "bullets" to several pages, and increased the size of the first letter of new section paragraphs in those same places (Write Wendy, Open Letter, Wendy's Artwork.)

05.03.96 - Added several paragraphs near the end of the Open letter. It's now dated at the top, so you can tell when additions have been made. Made several edits to the Photos page, and a link to the recent QuickTime movie just below. Made the colors for linked text on all pages the same as those on the index page.

04.29.96 - Added the Studio Tour Quicktime movie (currently unavailable, sorry). Added a new icon to the Write Wendy and Open Letter page. Put the Living Page icon also on the index page.

04.27.96 - Added the Living Page document, with new icon by Wendy. Added eclipse page icon. Added MPEG audio examples from Beauty in the Beast.

04.16.96 - Added the Open Letter document from Wendy - located off the Write Wendy page. Added 'World Oyster' and 'Mars Images' to the Artwork page. Added Wendy's neato-new book icon to the Bio page, and Bijou icon to this page. Replaced bullets on the MetaPage with the small green leaf. Removed superfluous bullets on the Discography page.

04.01.96 - Added the Solar Eclipse page, starting with six of Wendy's total eclipse images, and her description of how they came to be, and why this page appears here.

03.29.96 - Started digital transfer of music examples off CD and encoded in the MPEG format. Added the MPEG Help Page to provide MPEG Helper Apps. Added the Clockwork Orange page. (Ed note: this addition has been replaced by the new discography page with audio links and much better support information, and its completely new Clockwork Orange page.)

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Don't forget, your browser will continue to display the earlier viewed version of a changing, living page, including the What's New info above, unless you either: 1) Do a Reload for each page, or 2) Trash Your Cache Memory first (FYI: a good habit to get into anyway) before going online again!

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